The Crowsnest Collection

Every model in The Crowsnest Collection includes all of the following features.

Ring. Ring. Who’s there?

Ring Video Doorbell The Ring video doorbell lets you see, hear and speak to your visitors from your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere inside or away from your home. You can even watch your video history to see who you missed or view a live feed for added home security. Oh, and they look pretty cool too.


You deserve a bonus.

Bonus Room We understand that you can’t always develop the basement when you first move in, so we added a Bonus Room to the upper floor of every Crowsnest Collection model. This gives you that second living room that you need, that office space that you’ve always wanted, or that media room that you’ve been dreaming of. You earned it.

Bonus Room 2.jpg

This thermostat is S.M.A.R.T.

ecobee 4 Wi-Fi Thermostat Can your thermostat play music? This one can. The ecobee 4 can also detect which rooms are occupied and adjust the temperature accordingly, understand when you are home or away to help save on utilities, and it can even add groceries to your shopping list with verbal commands thanks to Amazon Alexa being built right in. Add an LED touchscreen, wi-fi control from your phone anywhere in the world and live local weather forecasts, and your new home just became a whole lot smarter.


Bring. Your. Own. Book.

Fireplace You bring the book and we’ll bring a fireplace, to each and every Crowsnest Collection model. Sip on your favorite beverage, read to the kids or cuddle up with a loved one. Whatever your fireplace-activity of choice may be, you won’t be left out in the cold.

Quartz Countertops.jpg

Go ahead, make a mess.

Quartz Countertops You won’t find any laminate countertops in these homes. From the kitchen, to the ensuite and even the half-bathroom, all Crowsnest Collection countertops are made of high-quality quartz. Cleaning just got a whole lot easier, and countertop dings, forget about ‘em.


Sun In. View out.

Large Windows You like windows and so do we, so we made sure that every home in this collection included a generous helping of large ones. Whether enjoying the view from your great room, or letting the waves of warmth from the natural light flow through your bedroom, we have you un-covered.


Is the garage closed?

Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener With our LiftMaster MyQ Wi-Fi garage door openers, you can concentrate more on where you’re going, and less on worrying. The phone-based app will let you open and close your garage door from anywhere, check the door’s current status, as well as setup custom alerts to help ensure the door isn’t left open. A little piece of mind knowing your garage contents are fine.


One step closer to clarity.

Glass Railing Typically, glass railings would be considered a costly upgrade in a new home build. Not with the Crowsnest Collection. We’re including them, in every model, at no additional charge. So say goodbye to those stub-walls, and hello to that new sense of openness in your living space.

Glass Railing.jpg
Stock Photo - Home Sweet Home Floor Mat.jpg

Judge this book by its cover.

Upgraded Exterior Curb appeal is important to us. The exterior of your house is the first thing you are greeted with when you return home, and we want that to be a warm greeting. That’s why we’ve included such features as upgraded premium siding, composite wood, vertical siding and real cedar posts on every model in this collection. Welcome home.


We believe in storage.

More Cabinets Double-fridges are fun if you have a ton of space, but if you’re like the rest of us, you probably need less cold-food storage and more space for pots, pans, cups, plates, bowls, silverware, saran wrap, knife sets, your rolling pin, that huge wok pot, sippy cups, the serving tray that you bought but still haven’t used, and… well, you get the picture. Point being, we included a lot of cabinets. We even have you covered outside of the kitchen, with a full cabinet in the half-bath instead of a pedestal sink. Cabinets, because if you can’t see the mess, it isn’t really there.


Swiss Army light switch.

ecobee Switch+ This light switch has Amazon Alexa built-in. We repeat, this light switch, has Alexa built-in. Oh, and the ecobee Switch+ can also turn your lights off and on with voice commands or your phone, play music from its on-board speaker, and it even has a temperature sensor that will communicate with your ecobee thermostat to help regulate the temperature in different zones of your home. Your Smart Home just became a Genius Home.


Two are better than one.

Double Garage We get it. You have two cars so you need two stalls in the garage. That’s why every Crowsnest Collection model has a double garage, standard. Oh, and don’t forget about those tools, bikes, Christmas decorations, shoes and that box of random stuff from when you were a kid that you probably don’t need but you don’t want to throw it away because you’re going to pass it down to your kids someday when they get older but until then you just have to deal with it. #garagelife

Double Garage.jpg
Docking Station.jpg

You’re in charge.

USB Docking Station We rely on our gadgets to get us through the day. And those gadgets rely on us to make sure they have enough juice to get through that day. That’s why we’ve added a dual-USB outlet in the kitchen of each of the homes. Come home, plug it in, and have enough power to make it through those all those cat videos, that you’re not even sure how you ended up on, in the evening.


Make it all yours.

Desigin Choices Our amazing team of interior designers created three stunning design packages for you to choose from - the Sentry, Chinook and McLaren. Ranging from modern to contemporary to traditional, we’ve covered all the bases so that you can choose the one that suits you the best. Even the exterior is up to you, right down to the color of your front door. It may sound cliche, but we truly believe in helping you to transform any of these houses, into your home.

Interior Design.jpg
$2000 Upgrade Bonus.jpg

Upgrade for FREE.

$2000 Upgrade Bonus We put a lot of amazing features into these homes, but we want you to add even more, and we want to pay for them. That’s right, with the purchase of any model from The Crowsnest Collection, we’ll include a $2000 “Your Choice” upgrade bonus. Want to upgrade the kitchen faucet? Do it. Like the look of reclaimed barn wood doors? Add one. Interested in adding carpet to your ensuite? That’s a terrible idea, but it’s your $2000, and you’re free to upgrade whatever you want (but seriously though, please don’t put carpet in the washroom, eww).